We empower nutritionists, dietitians and clinicians to increase their service quality implementing in their practice precision nutrition solutions, knowing patient nutrigenetic profile, eating habits and nutrients deficiencies.

Quality features:

  1. NUTRITIONAL ASSESSMENT: actual nutritional intake versus EFSA recommendations or Personal Nutrigenetic profile
  2. FOOD LIST to cover nutritional needs
  3. SUPPLEMENT LIST if the needs aren't covered by nutrients intake from food
  4. PREVENTION GUIDE - diseases predisposition due to lack of nutrients intake
  5. MONITOR evolution through wearables: CGM, BMP, Body composition scale
  6. COMMUNICATION between patients and clinicians/nutritionist

How to Partner With Us

           We believe that nutritional advice should be available for everyone, at any given time, at any given location. To make this happen we have partnered up with companies that share our values and vision about health and nutrition. The goal is to provide more services and products in order to complete the circle of nutrition consultancy.

Becoming our partner is very easy, just register your interest and we can start finding solutions together.

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