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Let food be your medicine!
- Personalized prevention solution for healthy people
- Therapeutic nutritional solution for people suffering from obesity, diabetes, psoriasis, malnutrition and many other diseases.

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User profile, your input - Your weight goal
- Medical status: diabetes, hypertension, etc.
- Preferred food
- Intolerances & allergens
Our work Using a complex algorithm based on Standard or Personalized nutritional needs (Gut microbiota score, actual eating pattern, basal metabolism) we find the nutrient deficiencies and exact quantity of food & supplements to live longer and healthier.
Monitor your evolution - Medical & nutritional support:
- Body composition (% of fat, muscle, water)
- Blood pressure
- Glucose levels
- Weight

Modules of the app

Basic features:
Meal plan proposal
Nutritional profile - Your nutrients intake vs Standard nutritional * needs
Nutrient deficiencies and diseases predisposition
* According with European Food and Safety Authority

Deep personalization:
- Nutrigenetic profile, need DNA genetic testing
- Microbiome score, need GUT microbiota genetic testing
- Prevention guide

Find the right clinician / nutritionist for you
Communicate with your medical advisor

Tools for customization:
Get your nutrigenetic, microbiome, screening tests
Rent / buy monitoring equipment
Use it for PREVENTION or THERAPEUTIC nutritional solution

A short demo of the app

Everybody can live longer and healthy if they eat accordingly to their genetic and microbiome profile.
Taking the Screening test, you will find disease risks, adding this information to the digital platform Nutricare.Life, we can determine the exact quantity of food & supplements to cover your nutritional needs.
Take control over your diet, lifestyle and health.

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