precision nutrition,


Why us?

      Using your specific information, we provide ultra-personalised recommendations, founded on evidence‐based science to encourage dietary behaviour change that results in measurable health benefit.

            1. Powerful

         More than 110 clinical studies validate our professional advice.

            2. Precise

          Most comprehensive set of tools based on your genetics and more.

            3. Personal

          Make diet improvements at any time and see the effects on your lifestyle.


    Nutritional overview – graphical representation of all information 

    Diet – tool to update the eating habit 

    Eat right – solve nutrient deficiencies with food

    Supplements – solve nutrient deficiencies with supplementation

    Prevention – disease risk based on your nutrition

    Meal plan – a planning tool

    Connect your tracking devices: smart scale, smartwatch, BPM, etc.

    Telemedicine - connection to specialists

    Market place access

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What users say:

While it’s clear that diet is the best way to get nutrients we need, sometimes that’s easier said than done. Calcium and vitamin D are too important to me to risk not getting enough, so a trusted daily supplement is my little insurance policy.

Maria, 35

I'm usually up early, for yoga or other classes, and stay pretty busy. The mix of minerals and vitamins recommended by NutriCare.Life is the key, because it keeps me feeling energized through it all.

Sophie, Yoga instructor

As a woman over 40 fighting aging hormones and a demanding schedule, I needed a weight loss plan I could do efficiently and keep me healthy. The NutriCare.Life app made it so easy to decide what to eat and showed me which nutrients should be supplemented, that really made a difference. I lost 2 inches off my waist and now I fit into a smaller dress!

Anne, 48

I am getting pregnant in 6 months! I am so excited to have NutriCare.Life support the health of my baby, stress & energy levels through this whole prenatal and postnatal process! I will be adding some speciality supplements dedicated for that period who are vital for us to help and prevent. I have full trust in NutriCare.Life and it feels so good.

Sonia, age 24

Being an  active mom who loves to cook healthy meals for my family. With NutriCare.Life app, I can plan my week and buy ingredients in minutes. I has my groceries ready to prepare the healthiest options from fresh wholesome ingredients full of fiber and vitamins to keep my family healthy and on top I know exactly what supplements I need to give to each of the family member.

Susan, 37

I love app! It is amazing! And believe me, everybody notices that I lost weight. I lost 7 kg in total. There’s times that I just crave a lot, but then next day I come back and back to my diet. I am doing awesome!

Marius, 46

I have been studying nutrition and practising it day by day for 13 years, enough time to see and analyze thousands of nutritional profiles. Nutrients assessment have overwhelming importance when it comes to design nutritional interventions for people with multiple food intolerances.

Cerasela Bulmez, licensed nutritionist

I have been on a bit of a health kick for the last couple months, lost 10 kg and having the exact quantities of nutrients has helped me to retain my vital nutrients while on a calorie reduced diet. It’s so much easier to find needed vitamins than trying to guess and grab random vitamins from online suggestions, that may or may not apply to me.

Marco, 52

I am routinely using this nutrigenetic test, which allows me to design meal plans in order to reduce the risk of metabolic disorders associated with my clients' genetic background and integrate nutritional supplements into their diet plans, in order to optimize their calorie intakes without sacrificing their needs in micronutrients

Anca Ignat, licensed nutritionist


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